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Make All Your Contacts Count

Musicverb is the marketing software that gives you superpowers! Now you have the ability to manage thousands of contacts, create market segments based on data, activate and nurture your leads while having actionable insights.
The result? More work done and more opportunities.

Márcia Costa

“In the past, we took several weeks to get ready for booking, spending critical time with presentation design, contact management, and follow-up our leads. Now we spend just 30% of that time to start negotiating!”

– Márcia Costa · Sons em Trânsito
Booking Agent of Ana Moura, António Zambujo and Deolinda

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Thousands of events close their line-ups every day. Drive your booking faster!

Do you want to warm up your World Music leads in France? Follow-up your contacts in The Netherlands? Sure! Segment your database around the most relevant filters such as Location, Music Genre, Instrument or Job Role.

All you artist data is instantly transformed into a beautiful email that converts. No design skills, no editing, no extra work needed! Become ready to showcase your artists, follow-up your leads or send new proposals literally 24/7.

Send a friendly reminder to all the contacts who opened your last email? Action! Musicverb helps you act quickly with a clear picture of which leads needs your time investment, and many other actionable metrics.


Or  Watch a Demo Here