Music Booking meets Marketing

Musicverb was born with a mission: help Booking Agents know exactly where are the best opportunities for their artists!

Which contacts, promoters, venues and events have the best fit with your artists?
That is the most relevant question when booking an artist tour. From the answer to that question, you know who to contact, where to sell, what to do, and more!

Musicverb is the marketing software and roster manager that helps you find the answer to that question so you can activate, nurture and convert your contacts into tour dates. It is a game-changer where booking outreach meets business intelligence.

You deliver your artist information/updates to different market segments, using the contextual information and collected knowledge about your customers. Musicverb brings value to your contact databases by making them fully actionable and making clear to whom you should be pitching your artist today!

Are you a booking agent or independent artist?
Every single week, thousands of events of all sizes close their lineup. Be more productive, do more with your contact network! Drive your booking with Musicverb.

Our Founders

Rui Santos Couto · CEO

15 years of music industry and marketing experience. Rui has built an international festival and managed several B2B/B2C brands. He’s a lecturer on Growth Marketing and Music Business.

Nuno Ferreira

Nuno Ferreira · CTO

One decade working as software engineer and business intelligence lead in large-scale projects. At Musicverb, meeting the customer needs and managing the technology growth are Nuno’s everyday challenges.

Nuno Lacerda

“Musicverb is an incredible tool to manage our roster’s information efficiently and deliver it to a significant number of people without losing the magic of our job. We create segments according to our goals and the artist we’re promoting. It’s just amazing. Today, we receive at least 30% more feedback to the proposals we send by email, spending much less time and getting more results.”

– Nuno Lacerda · Meifumado
Booking Agent of PZ and Corona