Now You’re Ready

Thousands of events of all sizes close their line-up every day. Get ready!

Musicverb - Segments

Send Emails, Not Newsletters!

Send 1-to-1 emails with no need of creating campaigns despite sending 1, 10, 100 or 1000 emails at the same time.

Email The Right People

You’ll know who to email by creating segments and getting data. Demand the attention of the right people only!

Musicverb - Value

Bring Value to Your Contacts

Make your contacts work for you. Tag each contact with metadata easier, enabling segments and faster outreach!

Musicverb - Stats

Get Actionable Insights

Know what’s happening every time you email someone. Adapt your strategies, impact your business and see the success!

Do Better Roster Management

Keep all your roster information in one single place. Videos, tour dates, technical riders, and more.

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Convert Into Booking

Get the replies to your booking email directly in your inbox. Link all your emails to your own booking enquiry forms, website or roster page.

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